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Free Amateur License Exam Self-Study Programs
Technician General Amateur Extra

Question Pool Search & Test Facility

Take a look at the Question Pool Search & Test Facility (QPSTF).  QPSTF provides many ways to search the exam question pools and generate tests using the selected questions.

FCC Commercial Licenses

Free FCC commercial radio license exam self-study programs.  See links on right side bar.

If you would like the convenience of studying for the GROL + ship radar endorsement exams on your Microsoft Windows-based tablet, laptop, netbook, or computer — a study aid ($5.00) is available.  Internet access is not required after the study aid is installed.  A free trial of the study aid is available at the link below. Download the study aid, unzip it, and double-click the executable file name.

free trial GROL + ship radar endorsement study aid


Microsoft Windows-based Study Aids

Want the convenience of studying for the Technician (2014 – 2018),  General (2011 – 2015), or Amateur Extra (2012 – 2016) license exams using your Microsoft windows-based tablet, net book, laptop, or desktop computer without having to be connected to the Internet?  Study while you travel  or find yourself waiting somewhere.   Purchase price $2.00 through Paypal.  All proceeds from the sale of the study aids go to maintaining this website. Click the link below for a free trial.

free trial technician (2014 – 2018) license exam study aid

free trial general (2011 – 2015) license exam study aid

free trial amateur extra (2012 – 2016) license exam study aid