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***NEW ***

The Handicapped Exam Prep System (HEPS) is designed to help amateur radio mentors,  family members, and volunteers  assist handicapped candidates prepare for amateur radio license exams.   HEPS can be used to provide assistance locally or remotely.


Microsoft Windows-based Study Aids

Want the convenience of studying for the Technician (2014 – 2018),  General (2011 – 2015), or Amateur Extra (2012 – 2016) license exams using your Microsoft windows-based tablet, netbook, laptop, or desktop computer without having to be connected to the Internet?  Study while you travel  or find yourself waiting somewhere.   Purchase price $2.00 through Paypal.  All proceeds from the sale of the study aids go to maintaining this website. Click the link below for a free trial.

free trial technician (2014 – 2018) license exam study aid

free trial general (2011 – 2015) license exam study aid

free trial amateur extra (2012 – 2016) license exam study aid


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