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Free Amateur License Exam Self-Study Programs
Technician (2014-2018) General
Amateur Extra
General (2015-2019)
The Amateur Radio Service General license exam changes on July 1, 2015 in 1 days.  If you’re going to take the exam after June 30, 2015, use the General (2015-2019) self-study program to prepare for the exam.

Free  Sample License Exams with Progress Tracking

Take sample exams, test  yourself on the questions you missed, and track your progress.

sample license exams with progress tracking

FCC Commercial Licenses

Free FCC commercial radio license exam self-study programs.  See links on right side bar.

Microsoft Windows License Exam Study Aids

These study aids do not work on Android or Apple devices.

Want the convenience of studying for the Technician (2014 – 2018),  General (2011 – 2015), General (2015 – 2019) or Amateur Extra (2012 – 2016) license exams using your Microsoft windows-based tablet, net book, laptop, or desktop computer without having to be connected to the Internet?  Study while you travel  or are waiting somewhere.   Purchase price ($2.00; Paypal).  All proceeds from the sale of the study aids go to maintaining this website. Click the link below for a free trial.

free trial technician (2014 – 2018) license exam study aid

free trial general (2011 – 2015) license exam study aid (for exams before July 1, 2015)

free trial amateur extra (2012 – 2016) license exam study aid

free trial general (2015 – 2019) license exam study aid (for exams after June 30, 2015)


Organization licenses are available for Amateur Radio Clubs, schools, etc.  The cost of an initial organization license is $30 (Paypal).  An initial license permits the purchasing organization to distribute copies of all three study aids (Technician, General, Extra) to organization members.  Licensed organizations may not charge for the use of  study aids, distribute study aids to non-members, or sell study aids.  Licensed study aids will display the name of the purchasing organization.   When license exams officially change (per FCC rules), an organization may renew its license to distribute study aids for the new license exam (Technician or General or Extra) for $10 (Paypal).  Scroll down to the bottom of the order page at the link below to place orders for Organization Initial Licenses and Organization Renewal Licenses.

purchase an organization license