17 meter delta loop antenna

Looking for a good 17 meter antenna?  How about one that is compact and is easy to use in the field?  Build yourself a 17 meter delta loop.  It will fit in a space 20' high, 2' wide, and 15' long.  The lower radiator (3) is only 1' above ground.  The antenna is fed at the junction of radiators (2) and (3) with 50 ohm coax transmission line.  Approximately 60' of #14 AWG stranded THNN coated wire, (2) insulators, guy ring, single 20' non-metallic mast,  SO-239 connector block, rope, and (2) stakes are all you need to make the antenna.  I have made solid 17 meter SSB contacts with the antenna around the U. S. (AZ, CA, NY, FL) and most recently with Vrhnika, Slovenia using an ICOM-706MKIIG running 100 watts.  My QTH is located in Cary, NC.

SAFETY NOTE:  Portions of the antenna radiators could accidentally be touched while your radio is transmitting.  Be sure to post a clearly visible warning.  If you are operating in the field with the antenna, consider using warning tape to surround the area around the antenna.




The EZNEC model for the antenna can be downloaded from the link below.

17 meter antenna model

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