17-meter Wire Beam DX Antenna

Want to “DX” on 17–meters?  Ok, so you don’t have a linear amp or tower-mounted rotatable beam antenna.  You can still rack up those DX QSLs by building yourself an inexpensive 2–element wire beam antenna that performs well at a height of 20′.  All you need is some #14 AWG THHN wire, insulators, 2” X 2” X 8′ treated furring strips, and miscellaneous parts & fasteners.  The antenna  is based on the design attributed to Les Moxon (G6XN, SK).  The furring strips can be used to build a rectangular frame for the antenna.  The completed antenna will be a little over 20′ long and 3′ wide. By building a mounting system that enables the mast to be manually rotated, you have an inexpensive rotatable beam antenna with excellent gain and directionality.

A free program to compute Moxon antenna dimensions (courtesy of AC6LA) is available at the link below. The program has an option to generate EZNEC model files.


AutoEZ and EZNEC models for the 17–meter antenna are available at the link below in zipped format.

17–meter Moxon models

The dimensions, predicted SWR, and predicted radiation patterns for a 17–meter 2–element wire beam Moxon antenna (horizontally polarized) are provided below.  Click the images to see them full size.  Close the display window to return to the article.


17 meter Moxon antenna dimensions



17 meter Moxon antenna predicted SWR curve



17 meter Moxon Antenna predicted elevation radiation pattern



17 meter Moxon antenna predicted azimuth radiation pattern

Tip:  Use the online calculator at the link below to compute the distance and true bearing between your QTH and another QTH.  Street address or coordinates can be entered.  You can use the true bearing to orient your new beam antenna for the strongest signal.

calculate distance and bearing

QRZ.com also provides the distance and bearing from your QTH to another QTH based on call signs.  The distance and bearing can be found by clicking the detail tab associated with the remote call sign.



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