Amateur Extra License (2008-2012)

The amateur extra question pool (2008 – 2012) is no longer valid.  Use the self-study program at the link below to prepare for your license exam.

amateur extra exam (2012 – 2016)

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  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for compiling the test questions and their answers. The General Class Questions helped my wife and myself to study for and obtain our General licenses. Thank you.

    Dean KC9REN

  • Just wanted to let you know that your site made it very easy for me to get my Extra… Two days ago I decided to go after my Amateur Extra ticket and 48 hours later – I have it — test took 15 minutes to take and i only missed 6 questions (scored an 88) …. probably could have scored better if i had gone back to check the answers but by the time i had hit question 50 I knew that I had passed  … Your flashcards was the key. I basically went over each section E0, E1…E9 over and over and over and just studied the answers  .. then I took the sample test for each segment a few times … then had the software only quiz me on the questions that I missed .. did that for each of the 10 segments individually and then took numerous full tests over and over… finally this morning (48 hours later) went and took the actual test … I had visited other so-called "study" sites but YOURS was the one that immediately was recognizable as being the right format for me…

  • Fred, I took the Extra test last night,passed it, I want to thank You—AJ4SL , and those who believed in me.
    Your learning tools here are invaluable. thanks so much and  I'm sure I'll be in he database as extra ny Tuesday.Till then I have my CSCE…ki4rog..lynn walters

  • Thanks for providing such a great set of study tools! I prepared for and passed my Extra upgrade exam in about two weeks using the self-study program. It works! I would recommend this program to anyone looking to upgrade. Thanks again.
    Robert, KJ6OOZ

  • I passed my General Class exam today with a score of 100% thanks to this website.  I really appreciate you making this information available to us.

  • I decided on New Year's Eve (December 31, 2010) to start studying for Extra Class license upgrade from General using NC4FB's flash cards and sub-element exams.  I took the Extra Class exam today Saturday, January 8, 2011 and passed with 98%!  This is a great study method.  Seeing the correct answer first, then seeing all the answers in the context of the question helps both learning the element and how the question is posed.  Highly recommend this method to upgrade your license.
    Harold   WB6DOC

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