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Canadian Amateur Radio License Exam Flashcards

Online license exam study flashcards are available at the link below.  The flashcards cover all the questions in the Basic and Advanced question pools by category and randomly display each time they are viewed.  An option to select an entire category or a sub-category within a category is available. Questions and correct answers are displayed.  An option to display all the answers is available.  Use the flashcards to supplement your license exam study program.

Canadian Amateur Radio License Exam flashcards

Free self-study programs for the Basic and Advanced license exams are available at the links below. 

Basic Self-study Program  

Advanced Self-study Program

Good luck on your exam.  





Canadian Amateur Radio License Exams in the U. S.

Apparently U. S. amateur radio license exams can be legally administered in Canada according to the information posted on the Lambton County Radio Club web site.  Link shown below.

Excerpt from the LCRC web site:

Besides sponsoring a number of Industry Canada Accredited Examiners authorized to give Canadian Amateur Radio Examinations, the Lambton County Radio Club (LCRC) also sponsors a Volunteer Examiner Team affiliated with the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) Organization.

This team, called the "Southwest Ontario VE Team" is available to administer examinations for the three classes of United States Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Amateur Radio licenses.  This service is being offered so as to assist members of our club, other clubs, other Canadian Hams or others who would like to more easily obtain a US Amateur Radio license without actually traveling across the US/Canadian border to do so.

I would like to hear from anyone who is aware of Canadian amateur radio exams being legally administered in the U. S.

It seems logical to me that a similar testing service should also be available to those in the U. S. who want to obtain Canadian amateur radio licenses without having to travel to Canada to take the exams.  Why not allow the Canadian exams to be proctored at a Canadian Consulate Office in the U. S. and mailed to Industry Canada for grading and license issue?  You can go to a Canadian Consulate Office for help on passports, etc.

If there are any certified Canadian amateur radio license examiners living in North Carolina willing to administer the Canadian Basic and Advanced license exams, please contact NC4FB.




Canadian Amateur Radio License Study Programs

The free NC4FB Online Self-Study Programs for the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic and Advanced licenses are now available at the links provided below.  The programs are offered as a courtesy to Canadian Amateur Radio enthusiasts.

Canadian Basic license self-study program

Canadian Advanced license self-study program

The programs are patterned after the highly successful NC4FB U. S. Amateur Radio license study programs.  The study programs employ a “divide and conquer” strategy to enable license candidates to master each exam category before moving on to the next one.  The key features of the programs are self-running category flashcard sets and corresponding category exams.

Please Email error reports, suggestions, and comments to NC4FB.

All the best to our Amateur Radio brethren north of the border.