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Adobe Reader Slideshows

Looking for an easy free way to create slideshows for classes, exam review sessions, self-running exhibits, and presentations?  The latest version of Adobe Reader has options that will provide what you need.

Here’s what you need.

Adobe Reader (free)

CutePDF Writer (free)

Text processing software [OpenOffice Text (free), MS Word, etc.]

Here’s how to do it.

Place the material to be viewed as slides on separate pages.  Be sure to allow adequate space for figures to fit without causing page overflow.  If  you use OpenOffice Text, MS Word, or other suitable text processing software to create your material, it is easy to control page layout, formatting, and insert headers and footers as needed.

When the material is ready to be transformed into slides, use the print function in the text processing software (select CutePDF Writer) as the printer.  Print the presentation to a PDF document.

Adobe Reader slideshow setup.

1. Open your document in Adobe Reader
2. Go to Edit/Preferences
3. Click on “Full Screen” in the menu on the left.
4. To advance slides automatically, select “Advance every…” and enter the
slide persistence in  seconds.  Transition effects can be added.
5. Select “Escape key exits” and “Left click to go forward one page…”
6. Click OK.
7. To view the show, click Window/Full Screen View.
8. The left mouse button will go to the next slide, the right mouse button will go to the previous slide. Esc key will stop the slide show.

Ex.  Download the PDF file at the link below.  Open it with Adobe Reader and follow the directions above to view it as a slideshow.

sample Adobe reader slideshow

The slideshows can be used with a video projector.  Follow the video projector manufacturer’s instructions.