Commercial Element 7 License Exam Self-Study Program

This is a self-study program for  the FCC commercial element 7 license exam.  Elements 7 is required to obtain the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) Radio Operator's license.  The FCC does not administer commercial operator license examinations. To obtain a new or upgraded FCC commercial operator license, you must pass an examination administered by a Commercial Operator License Examination Manager (COLEM). 

FCC License Requirements

FCC commercial license requirements

To pass Element 7,  you must correctly answer at least 75 questions on the 100-question exam.  The exam is made up of questions drawn from a  pool of 600 questions. Do not attempt to memorize the questions and answers they way they appear in the FCC Element 7 question pool.  The questions and answer choices on the exam will be shuffled.

Element 7 Exam Structure

There are 100 topics represented in the element 7 question pool with 6 questions associated with each topic for a total of 600 questions.  The element 7 license exam is comprised of one question randomly drawn from each topic for a total of 100 questions.

Click on the link below to access the commercial element 7 exam self-study program.

 commercial element 7 self-study program

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