Commercial Exam Question Review

The exam question review facility enables you to create your own personalized exam question review so you can concentrate on the questions that are giving you trouble.

The simplest approach is to use a text editor to create one or more question review files.  Question review files are simple text files with one question number per line.   Consider creating a separate file for each element you are studying.  When you are ready to review the questions, open the file of interest, copy the question numbers, and paste them into the review facility form.   Update the review question file as needed to reflect your study progress.

exam review facility

If questions are missed in a review session, a link will be provided at the end of the results summary for you to review the missed questions.  Repeat the process until you correctly answer all the questions.

Note: use the links below to display entire exam question pools.

element 1

element 3

element 6

element 7

element 7R

element 8

element 9

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