Commercial License Exam Question Review System

Ever run into commercial license exam questions that keep giving you trouble over and over? No problem!  Just follow the simple directions below and you can roll your own exam question review system.  Your personalized review system will enable you to concentrate on the troublesome questions.

Step 1)  Create a folder or folders on your computer named ELEMENT1, ELEMENT3, ELEMENT8, and ELEMENT9 depending on the exam or exams you are studying for.

Step 2)  Create sub-folders for each subelement/topic  you are having problems with.

A-D for Element 1.

A-Q for Element 3.

1-100 for Element 7.

A-F for Element 8.

A-D for Element 9.

Step 3)  Use a text editor to create simple files containing the question numbers of interest.  One question number per line.  Name the files something like 1A.txt, 1B.txt, etc. so you can find them easily.  Save the files in the appropriate sub-folders for the exam you are studying for.

File format example for a sample review file shown below.  You can add comments starting at column 7 or beyond.

9A02     tough question

Save the file in sub-folder 9A with a name like 9A.txt so you can easily locate it when needed.

Step 4)  Use the copy function in your editor to copy the questions from the appropriate file that you want to include in the review session.  Use the link provided below to access the online subelement question facility.  Select the exam you are studying for and paste the question numbers in the area provided.  The online review facility is pretty forgiving and will eliminate duplicates, check to be sure the question numbers are in the database, and warn you if you get confused and attempt to use the wrong question numbers for the exam you selected.

roll your own question review system

If you happen to enter an invalid question number, a complete list of correct and incorrect question numbers will be displayed so you can make the necessary corrections to your question review file.  Correct the errors, save the file,  and continue.

The online facility will display the questions and answer choices one question at a time.  Make your answer choice and click the check answer button.  Your answer will be checked.  Continue the process until all the questions have been viewed.  Your score will be displayed.  There are options available to display a list of missed question numbers and to repeat missed questions.

Use the copy function in your browser to copy missed question numbers and paste them into a review file that can be saved for later use. 

Continually pare down your question review list or lists until you eliminate all the questions that have caused you trouble.

Note:  You can create exam question number review files with question numbers from any of the exam subelements.  You may want to do this when you are down to just a few questions that are giving you problems.

Sample file layout:


Bonus:  Click on the link provided below to access question review files for the Element 3, Element 8, and Element 9 exams that reference figures.  Copy the question numbers from the appropriate file and paste them into the input form provided as part of the "roll your own" question review system.  Be sure to select the correct exam before clicking the review questions button.

exam questions that reference figures

Email NC4FB if you need assistance or to report a problem.

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