Congratulations – Licensees

Congratulations to the licensees who successfully used the NC4FB License Exam Self-Study System.  If you used the system and want to be listed, click the link below.

list me

KG6WGY    (upgrade to General & Extra – 10/14/2017)

KM6KUE    (Tech – 05/19/2017)

KM4ZJL     (upgrade to General – 02/24/2017)

W9PEP      (upgrade to Extra – 07/09/2016)

KM4KDH    (upgrade to Extra – 05/28/2016)

KI4OYV     (upgrade to Extra – 11/12/2015)

KD0SHF     (upgrade to General – 11/07/2015)

KC1EEE     (upgrade to General – 09/30/2015)

KC1EEE     (Tech – 07/18/2015)

AF7RV      (Extra, General, Technician – 06/13/2015)

KG7SCS     (upgrade to General – 05/25/2015)

KG4DPQ     (upgrade to General – 05/12/2015)

KD9DKX     (upgrade to General – 04/18/2015)

KC3EOD     (upgrade to Extra – 04/11/2015)

KD9DKX     (Tech – 03/28/2015)

KA9NSA    (upgrade to Extra – 03/08/2015)

KG7RKE     (Tech – 02/07/2015)

KG5WR     (upgrade to Extra – 11/20/2014)

N9NNL      (upgrade to Extra – 11/15/2014)

N8QVQ     (upgrade to Extra – 11/01/2014)

KK4PSW   (upgrade to General – 09/13/2014)

KM4DUU   (upgrade to General – 09/06/2014)

K4FLB      (upgrade to Extra – 07/12/2014)

WA1UZX  (upgrade to Extra – 06/27/2014)

K4FLB      (upgrade to General – 05/17/2014)

KM4BPR  (Tech – 05/17/2014)

KM4AHB  (Tech – 04/10/2014)

KC1BQL   (Tech – 04/02/2014)

KV4WD    (upgrade to Extra – 03/11/2014)

K7JKZ     (upgrade to Extra – 03/08/2014)

KC8LWR (upgrade to General – 02/16/2014)

N8QVQ    (upgrade to General – 02/09/2014)

KK6JGS   (upgrade to General – 02/03/2014)

KD8RDG  (upgrade to General – 01/04/2014)

W4JRQ   (upgrade to General – 12/12/2013)

KK4NAG  (upgrade to General – 11/18/2013)

KK4VGN  (Tech – 11/09/2013)

K5RCM   (upgrade to Extra – 08/24/2013)

KB5GP   (upgrade to Extra – 08/17/2013)

K5RCM   (upgrade to General – 07/13/2013)

KK6FFD  (Tech – 06/22/2013)

KI4OYV  (General – 06/13/2013)

KF5UUL(Tech + General – 05/06/2013)

KB1ZPN  (Tech – 03/23/2013)

W9JCB  (upgrade to Extra – 03/09/2013)

WA3LJU (upgrade to General – 02/23/2013)

KD8UAX (Tech + General – 02/09/2013)

AK4ZD (upgrade to Extra – 11/08/2012)

N3NNA (upgrade to General – 09/05/2012)

KJ6EHL (upgrade to Extra – 05/19/2012)

KK4BOB (upgrade to Extra – 12/06/2011)

KK4EYF (Tech – 10/22/2011)

KF5KJN (upgrade to Extra – 07/16/2011)

KG6OOD (upgrade to Extra – 06/12/2011)

N1ULY (upgrade to Extra; Thailand – 03/26/2011)

AE7LZ  (Tech + General + Extra same exam session – 03/25/2011)

KF4QDV (upgrade to General – 03/16/2011)

KF5KDB (Tech – 03/10/2011)

N1ULY (upgrade to General); Thailand – 02/05/2011)

KF7NXZ  (Tech + General same exam session – 02/15/2011)

AK4FN (upgrade to Extra – 02/11/2011)

AB9YO (Tech + General + Extra same exam session –  02/09/2011)

WB8MKH (upgrade to Extra – 12/17/2010)

AK4EI  (upgrade to Extra – 12/13/2010)

16 Responses to “Congratulations – Licensees”

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Earned the Technician license in 2004, always wanted to upgrade. Made the decision to do it, found your website and made it happen. Woke up today as a Technician, going to bed as an Amateur Extra!

    Thanks to your system, I knew exactly how well I would do. !

  • On April 4, 2015 I passed both the Technician and General exams. I had waited for 60 years (since high school). Like so many other things this got
    pushed aside by life. I thank you so much for your great resource. I especially like the way you randomize the answers on your practice tests. These tests made the reaal thing a snap. I haven’t
    been on line yet, but it’s onlya matter of a short time. With your help, can Amateur Extra be far behind.

    73 Bob KM4JRG

  • Stephen Duncheskie

    “Sierra Hotel” study program you have there; was able to pass the GENERAL with only one out.

    Sincerely I Thank You.

  • Fred, NC4FB, also ex-USN, has an Ace your Exam page on this site. I read it carefully and came to believe that even I could follow its philosophy and instructions. On March 8, 2014 the VE who lined up his answers template over my answer sheet said something like, “Now I like this,” adding, “I’ve heard that extras who ace their exam have to become VE.” So I guess that’s next. Fred, thank-you, 73, and hand salute!
    John Maass, ex-RM2(SS)

  • Passed my Technician with 100% thanks to your site.  I suggested it's use to those who did not pass.  Will be studying using your site for my General next month.

  • Jeffrey S Coleman DDS

    Thank You So Much !  You're very kind and many thanks for putting together such a awesome study guide to us little people… 73's jeff   W9JCB

  • Thanks for your website! Passed my Technician with flying colors after 1 week study at your site. Thanks again

  • Waiting for my call sign.  I took the tech test yesterday and passed with 100%.  I love this site!

  • Just wanted to express my appreciation for your excellent study aids. I unknowingly allowed my license to expire and had to start over. I have been a ham for almost 60 years and at age 69 was not looking forward to starting over again with all the study. However, thanks to your good work, I studied for five days and passed the Technician, General and Extra tests in one session. I immediately applied to get my original call back, which is K4SLE. I should have it any day now. Thanks again for your service to Amateur Radio.

  • thank you  passed my general class with 100% score  

  • THANK YOU!  After 42 plus years as a General, I finally found your site and started using the flash cards and took both section practice tests and the 50 question practice exams.  I also went to other sites that offered practice exams and after getting 85% or higher after taking more then 50 practice exams, I felt ready… Took the Extra exam on June 4th at the Bangor Hamfest… got 46 out of 50 right!  I was very happy with that and walked out a new EXTRA CLASS ham.  Never thought I'd do this in this life… Thanks again!  George Dean, WA1JMM

  • Fred,
    THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! I just got my General Ticket on the first try! I recommended your program to someone tonight after I took my test!
    Thank you for everything you do to keep this program up and running!
    Terry Pitman

  • Got all 35 questions correct using only  the Technician NC4FB  License Exam Study System. Thanks Fred! It works

  • That's for doing and mainting this site!  It's great!  I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!

  • Thank you for your assistance.  Your program was a great help in getting me to pass all of the tests in one sitting.  In fact, I have already recommended you to other folks I know.
    Thanks again,
    Scott, AE7LZ

  • Thanks to you, Fred for your NC4FB Self-Study License Exam System.  I easily passed the general exam and will take the Extra exam on March 26, 2011 in Suratthani, Thailand.
    Lloyd Dalton,  N1ULY

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