Congratulations – Licensees

Congratulations to the licensees who successfully used the NC4FB License Exam Self-Study System.  If you used the system and want to be listed, click the link below.

list me

KM6KUE    (Tech – 05/19/2017)

KM4ZJL     (upgrade to General – 02/24/2017)

W9PEP      (upgrade to Extra – 07/09/2016)

KM4KDH    (upgrade to Extra – 05/28/2016)

KI4OYV     (upgrade to Extra – 11/12/2015)

KD0SHF     (upgrade to General – 11/07/2015)

KC1EEE     (upgrade to General – 09/30/2015)

KC1EEE     (Tech – 07/18/2015)

AF7RV      (Extra, General, Technician – 06/13/2015)

KG7SCS     (upgrade to General – 05/25/2015)

KG4DPQ     (upgrade to General – 05/12/2015)

KD9DKX     (upgrade to General – 04/18/2015)

KC3EOD     (upgrade to Extra – 04/11/2015)

KD9DKX     (Tech – 03/28/2015)

KA9NSA    (upgrade to Extra – 03/08/2015)

KG7RKE     (Tech – 02/07/2015)

KG5WR     (upgrade to Extra – 11/20/2014)

N9NNL      (upgrade to Extra – 11/15/2014)

N8QVQ     (upgrade to Extra – 11/01/2014)

KK4PSW   (upgrade to General – 09/13/2014)

KM4DUU   (upgrade to General – 09/06/2014)

K4FLB      (upgrade to Extra – 07/12/2014)

WA1UZX  (upgrade to Extra – 06/27/2014)

K4FLB      (upgrade to General – 05/17/2014)

KM4BPR  (Tech – 05/17/2014)

KM4AHB  (Tech – 04/10/2014)

KC1BQL   (Tech – 04/02/2014)

KV4WD    (upgrade to Extra – 03/11/2014)

K7JKZ     (upgrade to Extra – 03/08/2014)

KC8LWR (upgrade to General – 02/16/2014)

N8QVQ    (upgrade to General – 02/09/2014)

KK6JGS   (upgrade to General – 02/03/2014)

KD8RDG  (upgrade to General – 01/04/2014)

W4JRQ   (upgrade to General – 12/12/2013)

KK4NAG  (upgrade to General – 11/18/2013)

KK4VGN  (Tech – 11/09/2013)

K5RCM   (upgrade to Extra – 08/24/2013)

KB5GP   (upgrade to Extra – 08/17/2013)

K5RCM   (upgrade to General – 07/13/2013)

KK6FFD  (Tech – 06/22/2013)

KI4OYV  (General – 06/13/2013)

KF5UUL(Tech + General – 05/06/2013)

KB1ZPN  (Tech – 03/23/2013)

W9JCB  (upgrade to Extra – 03/09/2013)

WA3LJU (upgrade to General – 02/23/2013)

KD8UAX (Tech + General – 02/09/2013)

AK4ZD (upgrade to Extra – 11/08/2012)

N3NNA (upgrade to General – 09/05/2012)

KJ6EHL (upgrade to Extra – 05/19/2012)

KK4BOB (upgrade to Extra – 12/06/2011)

KK4EYF (Tech – 10/22/2011)

KF5KJN (upgrade to Extra – 07/16/2011)

KG6OOD (upgrade to Extra – 06/12/2011)

N1ULY (upgrade to Extra; Thailand – 03/26/2011)

AE7LZ  (Tech + General + Extra same exam session – 03/25/2011)

KF4QDV (upgrade to General – 03/16/2011)

KF5KDB (Tech – 03/10/2011)

N1ULY (upgrade to General); Thailand – 02/05/2011)

KF7NXZ  (Tech + General same exam session – 02/15/2011)

AK4FN (upgrade to Extra – 02/11/2011)

AB9YO (Tech + General + Extra same exam session –  02/09/2011)

WB8MKH (upgrade to Extra – 12/17/2010)

AK4EI  (upgrade to Extra – 12/13/2010)

15 Responses to “Congratulations – Licensees”

  • On April 4, 2015 I passed both the Technician and General exams. I had waited for 60 years (since high school). Like so many other things this got
    pushed aside by life. I thank you so much for your great resource. I especially like the way you randomize the answers on your practice tests. These tests made the reaal thing a snap. I haven’t
    been on line yet, but it’s onlya matter of a short time. With your help, can Amateur Extra be far behind.

    73 Bob KM4JRG

  • Stephen Duncheskie

    “Sierra Hotel” study program you have there; was able to pass the GENERAL with only one out.

    Sincerely I Thank You.

  • Fred, NC4FB, also ex-USN, has an Ace your Exam page on this site. I read it carefully and came to believe that even I could follow its philosophy and instructions. On March 8, 2014 the VE who lined up his answers template over my answer sheet said something like, “Now I like this,” adding, “I’ve heard that extras who ace their exam have to become VE.” So I guess that’s next. Fred, thank-you, 73, and hand salute!
    John Maass, ex-RM2(SS)

  • Passed my Technician with 100% thanks to your site.  I suggested it's use to those who did not pass.  Will be studying using your site for my General next month.

  • Jeffrey S Coleman DDS

    Thank You So Much !  You're very kind and many thanks for putting together such a awesome study guide to us little people… 73's jeff   W9JCB

  • Thanks for your website! Passed my Technician with flying colors after 1 week study at your site. Thanks again

  • Waiting for my call sign.  I took the tech test yesterday and passed with 100%.  I love this site!

  • Just wanted to express my appreciation for your excellent study aids. I unknowingly allowed my license to expire and had to start over. I have been a ham for almost 60 years and at age 69 was not looking forward to starting over again with all the study. However, thanks to your good work, I studied for five days and passed the Technician, General and Extra tests in one session. I immediately applied to get my original call back, which is K4SLE. I should have it any day now. Thanks again for your service to Amateur Radio.

  • thank you  passed my general class with 100% score  

  • THANK YOU!  After 42 plus years as a General, I finally found your site and started using the flash cards and took both section practice tests and the 50 question practice exams.  I also went to other sites that offered practice exams and after getting 85% or higher after taking more then 50 practice exams, I felt ready… Took the Extra exam on June 4th at the Bangor Hamfest… got 46 out of 50 right!  I was very happy with that and walked out a new EXTRA CLASS ham.  Never thought I'd do this in this life… Thanks again!  George Dean, WA1JMM

  • Fred,
    THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! I just got my General Ticket on the first try! I recommended your program to someone tonight after I took my test!
    Thank you for everything you do to keep this program up and running!
    Terry Pitman

  • Got all 35 questions correct using only  the Technician NC4FB  License Exam Study System. Thanks Fred! It works

  • That's for doing and mainting this site!  It's great!  I recommend it to EVERYONE!!!

  • Thank you for your assistance.  Your program was a great help in getting me to pass all of the tests in one sitting.  In fact, I have already recommended you to other folks I know.
    Thanks again,
    Scott, AE7LZ

  • Thanks to you, Fred for your NC4FB Self-Study License Exam System.  I easily passed the general exam and will take the Extra exam on March 26, 2011 in Suratthani, Thailand.
    Lloyd Dalton,  N1ULY

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