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  • A big THANK YOU for a terrific resource. This web site enabled me to pass Elements 6 and 8 on the first try with plenty of room to spare.

    Its the best resource on the web for study for any FCC Exams

    Vy 73
    Paul K5RT

  • Thank you for the tips on zs6bkw antenna. I added a 500pf 50kv door knob to hot leg of 450 ohm line. Swr is flat at 3.900. No relfected with amp on. Worked perfectly!

  • Thanks for your website. Working on commercial radiotelegraph license. Very few resources for this license.

  • I was originally licensed in July of 1982 as a novice. I soon after upgraded to General Class. On 3/08/2015, I received a passing grade on my extra exam of 90%. I began using your study materials February 13, 2015. They really worked. Thanks for all you do. Jerry, 73s. KA9NSA

  • It’s been 21 days since I took my Tech exam(3-28-15), & with your study materials, I upgraded today, 4-18-15, to
    a general license. Again, I cannot say enough about NC4FB..It is amazing that in this short amount of time I have come this far. That truly says a lot about NC4FB’s
    study materials. I am living proof that they work. Thanks
    so much again for all that you do..


  • Your website & study materials are tops. I used your website to pass my technicians license on 3/28/15. I also
    took the general exam the very same day & came within 1 point of getting my general ticket. That’s how good your
    materials are. Thanks so much for all you do..


  • I want to thank you for providing this site, particularly the practice element exams and study by topic. I passed my Extra with a perfect score!. Thanks again

  • Wanted to say thank you for the commercial exam test material. The online flashcards are a huge help. I recently passed my RADAR endorsement for my GROL. I am sitting for my GMDSS operator/maintainer exams in a couple of weeks. Your site is what is helping me to get through it.

    Thank you,

    Mike Byer AF4AY, GROL w/ RADAR endorsement

  • I have used your study material in preparation for the technician’s license exam taken in May 2014. Your material along with other study guides contributed to the successful passing of the general and extra examinations in July 2014.

    Thank you for your contribution in perpetuating radio communications technology.

  • I wanted to thank you for your thorough evaluations of the antennas. I appreciate the documentation and the effort with results.

    David Huber

  • Thanks for making all of these resources publicly available. I am using one of your desktop apps and the review facility to study for the Extra exam. Best wishes from AL.

  • It Works! THANK YOU for your web site. It prepared me for my General upgrade. I scored 100%! It is very well organized and makes studying easy. I’ll use it again to upgrade to Extra.

  • Thank you for the website–I received word last week that I passed the Commercial Radiotelegraph Operator (T) license.  The test generator for Elements 1 and 6 were a big help.



             David, AD8Y

  • Marshall Martin KD5QPY

    I used your program and passed my extra exam this weekend 2/10/13 thank you for the help.  My wife has her licence and now it's time to get my daughters licensed up.  I plan on using your "kid friendly" area of your website to allow them to study. I will let you know how it goes in a few months.  THANKS  once again and God bless…….  



  • Thank you for your excellent website.  It is a great way to get people going in amateur radio.  I used to to study for my General and passed the test.  I plan to use it for getting my Extra license in the near future.  

    Jim Davis


  • Wanted to say a big “THANK YOU” for your website and all the hard work. I used your website to pass both my General and Extra test.

    Will Greene

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