Field Operating Tip – Length Measurement Jig

Looking for an easy way to hold the ends of your tape measure and a length of wire, ladder line, coax, etc. while you measure out required lengths.  You can make a simple little jig that will simplify length measuring tasks.  Attach a couple of alligator clips to a short piece of metal angle stock using short bolts and nylock nuts.   One alligator clip secures the end of your tape measure and the other alligator clip secures the material being measured.


measurement jig

If you have tree near where you are measuring, you can wrap a piece of chain around it and attach the jig using the snap hook.  If you don’t have a tree or post nearby, you can position a portable cement utility block and attach the snap ring to the embedded eye bolt.


imageportable 25-lb cement utility block


KI4PMI describing length measurement jig

The jig enables one person to easily make accurate length measurements.




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  • Thanks fellas, a neat idea. It is an ideal 3rd hand for those many times I wish that I had one! And not only on field days.
    Thanks again, VK5AW.

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