General (2015-2019) Online Class

This is a free online General License (2015-2019) license exam preparation class.  The primary purpose of the class is to help candidates, who cannot attend a locally conducted class,  prepare for the General License exam.  Candidates who can attend a locally conducted class are encouraged to do so.  The ARRL license class locator is a good resource to find out if classes are listed in your area.  It is also a good idea to check with the Amateur Radio Clubs in your area to see if they are offering license exam classes.


The base content used in this class was developed and graciously made available at no cost by K3DC and KV4NF of the Platinum Coast Amateur Radio Society.  The base content has been reformatted and restructured to meet the requirements of this class.

The session/section structure used in this class parallels the chapter/section structure used in the ARRL General License Study Manual 8th Ed.  Candidates are strongly encouraged to obtain a copy of the study manual and use it with this class.  The manual can be obtained from the ARRL online store,, and most ham radio equipment outlets.


An option is available in the Online Question Review/Test Facility for instructors/mentors to receive candidate test scores by Email.  There are two reasons for this option. The first is to enable candidates to request assistance with missed questions. The second is to provide test scores so an instructor/mentor can assess candidate progress.   To request assistance, a candidate enters his/her name in the name field and the instructor provided Email address in the Email field. Candidates who object to entering their real names can be assigned candidate IDs such as Candidate-1, Candidate 2, etc.

An instructor/mentor can receive anonymous test scores if the candidate name field is left blank and a valid Email address is entered in the instructor Email address field.  This option enables instructors/mentors to assess how the candidates in an entire online class are doing.


1.  If you have a ARRL General license manual 8th Ed.,  study the corresponding section material for a class session.  Follow the session order presented in Table 1.  You will find there is a close correlation between chapters/sections in the ARRL manual and sessions/sections in this class.


Table-1. Session/Section Table

Use the link below to access online session slide sets.  Study the material presented in the slide sets carefully.

online session slide sets 

NOTE:  The slides are implemented in HTML 5.  You may notice a slight delay (buffering) the first time you view the slides for a session or section.

All the session slide sets used in this class can be downloaded from the link below.  The zipped file is large (~40 MB). The slides can be viewed with a computer running MS Windows.  Unzip the file and double click the session file names to view the slides.

downloadable session slide sets

2.  Use the link below to view session flashcards for the questions associated with the material presented in the session slides.  There is an option to view flashcards for an entire session or by sections within a session.

online session flashcards

3.  Use the Question Review/Test Facility at the link below to test yourself on the questions associated with a session.  There is an option to test yourself on all the questions in a session or by sections within a session.  There is also an optional question review function that can be used prior to testing.  Continue testing yourself on a session until you are scoring 85 or higher on every test you take.

NOTE:  There is an option in the question review function to highlight the keywords in questions.  The purpose of this option is to assist candidates with poor vision or cognitive disorders such as ADHD and Dyslexia.

online question review/test facility

4.  Repeat steps [1 – 3] until you complete Sessions [1 – 9],  then proceed to step 5.

5.  Test yourself with practice General license exams using one of the links below.  There are practice license exams available without progress tracking and practice license exams available with progress tracking.  You must register to use practice license exams with progress tracking.  Continue testing until you are scoring 85 or higher on every exam you take.  When you are scoring 85 or higher on every exam you take, you are ready to take the General license exam.  Contact the Amateur Radio Clubs in your area regarding license exam schedules.

practice license exams (without progress tracking)

practice license exams (with progress tracking)

If you found the explanations in this class helpful, please take the time to  THANK the base content developers.