General License (2011-2015)


This self-study program is no longer valid.  The General license exam changed July 1, 2015.  Use the self-study program at the link below to prepare for the current General license exam.


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  • I want to thank everyone again on this site for the vast amount of study material and the flash card help !

    Amazing , I passed my General exam 9/13/2014 with 100% !

  • Thanks for taking the time to help the folks out there, and ME. I know this is a thankless task, for the most part.


  • Thank you for your site and all the work and ideas you put into it. I passed my General last Thursday and I used your site and methods to get there. I plan on pursuing the Extra class now using this site. Thanks again! 73’s – W4JRQ

  • Passed my General exam today.  Thanks for the website.

  • Thanks for maintaining this site. I used it for about eight weeks to study for an upgrad to general class. Saturday morning 4/20/2013 at a local hamfest I passed the general class (only missing two). I will begin working on the Extra class and who knows before summer is over maybe I will have to also.

    Thanks, Terry

  • Passed my General exam today missing only 2 questions (and I knew the correct answers but out guessed myself).  This was a wonderful way to review questions.  Thanks!

  • I was able to breeze through the General exam without any problems.  I missed only 2 out of 35.  Outstanding

  • This is an amazing tool.  I took the Technician a couple of years ago and struggled.  I am taking the General 4/21 and I am already scoring around 85% on all my practice sessions.  Excellent site.

  • My license expired about 15 years ago and I've decided to get on the air again.  I ran across your website and I think it is fantastic!  Very well done.  Thanks for doing this.  It certainly saves me a lot of money as i don't have to buy all the books to study the questions and theory.
    Thanks again

  • I have found your study program to be extremely helpful.  I had purchased Gordon West's book  and read through all the chapters.  I still had major gaps of understanding some of the material.  Your tools have really helped — thanks for posting them.

    • I just passed my General test with flying colors.  This website helped a lot.  I barely knew basic electronics to start with and had to do some extra studying with the ARRL Electronics book to even understand some of the questions.  Really good website.  Thanks!

  • Will give this a try. I like the flash card concept. Studying out of a book really sucks and online tests aren't much better when you first start out. Thanx for offering this up; has to be sussessful!
    Regards, Bobby
    PARES Operator
    MARK-9 (NC) Team Lead

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