General License Exam Study Plan

Need a study plan to help you get ready for the General license exam?  This study plan will prepare you to pass the exam in approximately ten weeks?

The General license exam consists of 35 questions selected from a pool of 456 questions.  The question pool is divided into 10 subelements (G0–G9).  Subelements are further divided into a total of 35 groups (topics).  One exam question is randomly selected from each group. You must answer a minimum of 26 questions correctly on the exam to obtain your General license.

The NCVEC general license exam question pool can be viewed at the link below.

NCVEC general license exam question pool

The syllabus for the exam can be viewed at the link below.

general license exam syllabus

The diagram referred to by general license exam questions can be viewed at the link below.

figure G7-1

The following table shows the number of questions in each subelement and the number of exam questions randomly taken from each subelement.  Do not attempt to memorize the questions and answers as they appear in the NCVEC question pool.  The questions and answers will be shuffled on the actual license exam.

G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G0 TOT 
58 58 41  65 42 46  38  24 56 28 456
5 5 3 5 3 3 3 2 4 2 35


Week 1

Generate listings of the questions and correct answers for subelements G0 and G8 using the link below.  Read over the listings several times.  Then generate listings of questions and all answer choices including correct answers using the same link.  Read over the listings several times.

generate subelement questions & answers

SYLLABUS STUDY APPROACH:  If you decide to follow the exam syllabus, use the link below to view group flashcards. The difference between the group flashcards and the subelement flashcards is the number of questions contained in each.  Groups contain smaller numbers of questions than subelements. Open the exam syllabus in a separate browser window and refer to it as you view the group flashcards for subelements G0 and G8.

syllabus group flashcards

When you complete each group, test yourself on it using the link below.

syllabus group tests

SUBELEMENT STUDY APPROACH:  If you decide to study at the subelement level, use the flashcards at the link below to view the questions and correct answers for subelements G0 and G8.  There are options to view the questions and all answer choices including the correct answer or the question and only the correct answer.  Use the check my answer option for graded flashcards.

subelement flashcards

Regardless of which study approach you elected to use, when you are ready to test yourself on subelements G0 and G8, use the link below.  Continue testing yourself on the subelements until you are consistently scoring 85 or higher on the tests.

subelement tests

BOOST your license exam score

Accumulate the missed question numbers from all subelement tests in a file named subelements.txt.  At the end of the subelement tests, a list of missed + unanswered questions is displayed.  Copy and paste the question numbers into the review file (one per line) for later use with the question review facility at the link below.  Don't worry about duplicate question numbers, the review facility will eliminate them.  Just keep adding missed question numbers to the review file.

question review facility

Example:  You miss the following questions on a subelement G0 test.  The missed question numbers appear at the bottom of the test.


Copy the question numbers and store them in the review file.  When you are ready to review the questions, open the file, copy the question numbers, and paste them into the form provided with the review facility.

Weeks 2–9

Repeat the same steps used during week 1 for weeks 2–9 using the schedule in the table below.




















Week 10


Week 10 is dedicated to taking sample General license exams using the link below.  Continue taking sample exams until you are consistently scoring 85 or higher on every exam.  Accumulate the missed question numbers in a file named General.txt.  Periodically use the question review facility to test yourself on the missed question numbers. 


sample general license exams

Use the link below to concentrate on questions that refer to diagrams.

tests with nothing but questions that refer to diagrams

When you are consistently scoring 85 or higher on every sample exam, you are ready for the General license exam.


Good luck on your exam.  Be sure to Email me and let me know how you did on the exam.



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