General License (2007-2011)

The General license question pool and exam changed on July 1, 2011.  Use the study program at the link below to study for your exam.

General license exam study program (2011 – 2015)

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  • Mark - Sammamish, WA

    Great study guide!  I really like the systematic approach and the way you lay out the 1,2,3 steps to accomplishing the goal.  I bookmarked, the pages I wanted to use at work, home, and on my iPad, then I did lots of short study sessions.  The layout with multiple steps and modules allowed this to work well.  Bottom line is I took and passed my Technician and General test last night.
    I'll continue to check in.  I have a use for the GROL license at work, so I may start working on that next, while I get some HAM experiance, prior to going for Extra.
    Thanks again,
    Mark – Sammamish, WA

  • Wanted you to know just how great this site is!!!  Took my test with no problems and very little study time.  Going for my General Ticket next week!

  • THE best ham study site on the internet!!! Two weeks of studying and I passed both the tech and general with 100 and only missed the extra by two! I'll have the extra before summer!! Thanks for all the hard work setting this up!! It is greatly appreciated!

  • I would like to thank you so much for this work.
    After 2 days using this guide, I took the test and passed with only 1 question missed, after 1 minute and 40 seconds.
    The VEC's were impressed…
    It's a great tool and even better it's free….
    Keep it up.

  • Excellent Ham Radio study site. Thanks for putting this up. And Thanks to Tomas (NW7US) for posting this site on his site.

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