License Class Review/Test Facility

Teaching a multiple session license exam class and need a way to enable candidates to review and test themselves on the questions covered in a class session?  The License Class Review/Test Facility may be useful.  Prepare a simple text file containing the question numbers covered in class (one question number per line) and Email the list to candidates after a class is conducted or post it on a website. Have candidates copy and paste the question numbers into the form provided with the facility.  There is an option to review the questions and an option to be tested on the questions.

license exam review/test facility

class-multiple-diagramIf you are teaching a Technician license class using the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual and associated downloadable Instructor Guide, there is a utility at the link below that will generate lists of question numbers referenced in the course modules.  There are options to select the question numbers for  module numbers (1-18).  If multiple modules are selected,  a list will be provided containing all the question numbers referenced in the selected modules.  The consolidated list will be located at the bottom of the display under the heading —  List of selected Module question numbers.  Use the consolidated list with the License Exam Review/Test Facility.

ARRL Technician Class Module Question Number Retrieval

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