License Exam Facility for Mentors

The purpose of the License Exam Facility for Mentors is to assist Mentors in monitoring the progress of license candidates.  The facility automatically Emails candidate exam scores to registered Mentors.  This is the way the license exam support facility works.  Mentors send an ID (usually their call signs) and an Email address to NC4FB.  The ID and Email address are entered into a registration database.  Mentors assign unique IDs to their license candidates.  Candidate IDs are included in the Email messages for identification purposes.

License candidates login and enter the ID of their Mentor and the ID assigned to them.  The Mentor ID is used to retrieve the Email address that receives exam results.

Sample license exams for Technician, General, and Amateur Extra can be accessed through the support facility.  An option is available to set target exam scores (75–100) with 85 as the default score.  Mentors receive an Email message each time one of their registered candidates takes a sample exam.  The Email message contains the candidate's ID,  exam score, and a list of missed/unanswered questions.  

An optional list of syllabus groups (topics) for the missed/unanswered questions can be included in the Email.  If the Mentor is following the license exam syllabus with candidates, the syllabus group list can help focus study efforts.

Click the link below to see what an Mentor exam status email message looks like.

sample Mentor Email message

If you want to use the license exam support facility, click the link provided below.   Be sure to include your call sign,  the Mentor ID you want to use,  whether you want to receive the syllabus group list, and an Email address to receive the exam results of your license candidates.  You will receive an Email when your Mentor ID and Email address have been entered into the support facility registration database along with the link for the license candidate login page.

signup for the license exam support facility


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