Marine Radio Operator Permit

To obtain a Marine Radio Operator permit,  you will have to pass the FCC written commercial element 1 exam.  The term of the permit is for the lifetime of the holder.

The following table shows the number of exam questions on the element 1 exam and the number of correct answers required to pass.

Marine Radio Operator Permit Exam Requirements

Element Exam Questions Correct Answers
1 24 18

The following table show the subelements in element 1, the number of questions in each subelement, and the number of exam questions that will be taken from each subelement.


Subelement Questions Exam Questions
A 36 6
B 36 6
C 36 6
D 36 6
  144 24

Self-Study Program

1.   Complete the NC4FB Element 1 Self-Study program at the link below.  When you are consistently scoring 85 or higher on the sample exams proceed to Step 2.

element 1 self-study program

2.  When you're ready to take the element 1 exam,  use the link below to locate a COLEM in your area to administer the exam and process your license application.

locate a COLEM in your area

Good luck on your exam.  Send me an Email and let me know how you did.

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