On-The-Go License Exam Study System

Need an on-the-go license exam study system?  How about one that does not need an Internet connection after it is stored on your computer?  Put the system on a  USB flashdrive and carry it around with you.

Free study guides for the Technician and General license exams (courtesy of KB6NU) are available at the links below.  Listings of the questions referenced in the study guides are also available.  The questions are displayed in the same order they appear in the study guides. Download the appropriate study guide and question listing.  If you are preparing for the Technician or General license exam, read over the appropriate study guide.  Open the corresponding study guide question listing in a separate browser window and refer to it as needed. 

technician license study guide

technician license study guide question listing

general license study guide

general license study guide question listing

A free study guide for the Amateur Extra license exam (courtesy of AD7FO) is available at the link below.

amateur extra study guide


The desktop study apps include a flashcard facility, a subelement test/sample exam facility, and a question review facility. Download the file and unzip it.  Double click the executable file names to start the apps.  The apps are portable and will run directly from a USB flash drive.  Internet access is not required after the apps are installed.

desktop study apps

Use the desktop question review facility to concentrate on missed subelement test and sample exam questions.  At the end of subelement tests and sample exams, a list of missed and unanswered question numbers is displayed.  Copy and paste the question numbers into the form provided with the review facility.  Accumulate the question numbers (one per line) in a file.  Periodically review the questions.

Tip: Open the desktop question review facility and use it to immediately review questions missed on subelement tests and sample exams by copying and pasting the missed question numbers in the form provided with the review facility.


Step 1.  Start with subelement 0 and study the flashcards until you are ready to test yourself on the subelement then proceed to step 2.

Step 2.  Test yourself with subelement tests until you are scoring 85 or higher on every test you take.  Repeat steps 1-2 until you complete all ten subelements then proceed to step 3.

Step 3.  Test yourself with sample license exams until you are scoring 85 or higher on every exam you take.

When you are consistently scoring 85 or higher on the sample license exams, you are ready to take your license exam.


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