Study Aid
ARRL General License Study Manual (8th Ed.)

This article describes a free study aid that can be used with the ARRL General license study manual (8th Ed.). The manual is valid for use from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2019 and can be obtained from a number of sources including the ARRL store. Be sure to update your copy of the study manual with the ERRATA information provided by ARRL.

KE0OG has put together YouTube videos of each section of the ARRL General license study manual.  Watching the videos will enhance your study program.

This study aid provides a Chapter/Section Flashcard Facility and a Chapter/Section Question Review/Test Facility. Both facilities follow the Chapter/Section organization of the ARRL study manual.  The Chapter/Section test function provides immediate retesting for missed questions.


An option is available for instructors to receive candidate test scores by Email. The purpose of this option is two fold.  The first is to enable individual candidates to request assistance with missed questions.  The second is to provide anonymous test scores so the instructor can assess how the class is going.  If the anonymous option is used, candidates enter an Email address provided by the instructor and leave the candidate name field blank. Candidates who request help can enter their names in the field and the instructor provided Email address in the Email field. Candidates who request help and object to entering their real names can be assigned a candidate ID such as Candidate-X to enter in the candidate name field.

NOTE:  The Chapter/Section question review function has an option to highlight the keywords in questions.  The purpose of this option is to assist candidates with poor vision and candidates with cognitive disorders such as ADHD and Dyslexia.

The Chapter/Section Flashcard Facility can be accessed at the link below.

Chapter/Section Flashcard Facility

The Chapter/Section Question Review/Test Facility can be accessed at the link below.

Chapter/Section Question Review/Test Facility

Free practice General (2015-2019) license exams are available at the links below.  Practice exams with and without progress tracking are available.  If progress tracking is desired, candidate registration is required.

Practice General license exams (without progress tracking)

Practice General license exams (with progress tracking)