Technician License (2010-2014)

This self-study program has been superseded by the program at the link below.  Please bookmark the new link.


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  • Thanks for providing the study materials. I passed the the Technician Exam with a 32 out of 35. I look forward to taking the General Exam next and hopefully will have the same turnout.


  • thanks for this style of test exams, I like it better then just doing the questions till you learn answers to that question. at least this forces you to read and learn the answers for what it is all about

  • I would like to thank all involved on this website I passed the Technician test on 7/13/2013 ! I achieved a score of 34/35 correct ! I am now studying for the General Class and this site is one of my favorites above most other sites ! Keep up the good work I am trying to elmer other people to the Technician Class with the help of this site !

  • THANK YOU!   Used the ARRL text book and the test bank on your website to study, study, study for the past three weeks.  Got to the point where I was consistently scoring above 95 on the sample tests. Took my Technician exam this morning and missed just one question.  My ARRL General License textbook has been ordered and I will be back to your website to start taking the sample tests at that level real soon. Again, a big thank you! 

  • Thank you so much for providing this kind of service! I took the Technician Class exam last Thursday and got all 35 questions correct! Your flash cards were instrumental in my earning a perfect score on the exam. 73.

  • Great resource to get started in ham radio.  I studied your guide for two months, took the test in less than five minutes and passed with only one miss.  I look forward to going after my general license in the future.  Thanks a bunch.

  • I wanted you to know that I used your study help exclusively ove the past couple of weeks and passed my test today with only one question missed!  Thanks very much and I plan to start study for the general license with your help this week.

  • My son and I used your tech study to prepare. It was easier to use, and less daunting than the full manual. We both passed this saturday.   Same score,  97%.      My son is 10.   

  • Excellent.  Teaching a Technician class in couple of weeks and will use this with the flash cards.  Thank you for creatng this.  Linked from ARRl Website – Instructors section.

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