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oie_transparentFree Amateur Radio License Self-Study Programs

Technician (2018-2022)
General (2015-2019)
Amateur Extra (2016-2020)
Free Exam Question/Answer Study Aids
T-2018-2022 G-2015-2019 E-2016-2020

IMPORTANT:  The General (2019-2023) license exam cycle becomes effective July 1, 2019.  The NCVEC  (2019-2023) General Class Question Pool can be downloaded from the link below.

NCVEC Final Release (2019-2023) General Class Question Pool

Free Online General (2015-2019) Class

The class can be taken with or without the ARRL General Class License Manual (8th Ed.).

Free online General License Class

Free Study Aid  – ARRL General Class License Manual (8th Ed.)

Free online study aid for use with the ARRL General Class License Manual (8th Ed.).  The study aid provides Chapter/Section flashcards, playlist of KE0OG YouTube videos, Chapter/Section question review/tests, and practice license exams.

free study aid – ARRL General license exam study manual (8th Ed.)

Question Pool Search & Test Facility

Having trouble with certain types of questions?  Fine tune your exam preparation by using the facility at the link below to search question pools for those troublesome questions and test yourself on them.  

question pool search & test facility

Free Practice License Exams with Progress Tracking

Take practice exams,  accumulate all the questions you missed, optionally test yourself on just the missed questions, and track your progress.

practice license exams with progress tracking

Free FCC Commercial License Exam Self-Study Programs

Free FCC commercial radio license exam self-study programs.  See links on right side bar.